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At Dempster Therapy Services Outpatient Center, we are speech therapists in Arlington Heights who specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treating communication difficulties in children. Our major services include treatments for speech delays, language and resonance disorders, fluency, swallowing, feeding and cognitive-communicative disorders, pre-literacy and literacy skills, and so on. Please contact us at (847)773-7041 for a free consult... Read more

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We have years of experience and are here to help children overcome the most diverse disorders impacting their communication skills. We aim to apply our technical knowledge to solve problems that bother thousands of relatives, guardians, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and guardians. A child with communication difficulties has a great chance of having future problems. We use advanced and humanized techniques to treat these disorders to help t... Read more

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Communication is a fundamental part of our society, and children with speech problems are often seen differently by their guardians. The truth is that neglecting these problems can become very harmful in the long run, so we need to act now. Our team of experts is here to solve these problems and ensure your loved ones live fulfilling lives. We will understand the case individually and implement techniques to solve the issues with personalize... Read more

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